Pavel Lapshin Photography

Pavel Lapshin, diver, underwater photographer, traveler:

I was born in 1969 in the distant Siberian city of Biysk, Altai Territory, where the nearest coast was thousands of kilometers away...
However, fate brought me into diving already at an adult age, sixteen years ago, in 2008, and literally the next year I already took my first photo underwater with my friend’s camera, which I drowned on the second day and had to be bought out!

Since the beginning had been made, I bought a new one instead of a recessed one and since then I have been making all my trips and dives with an underwater photo-video system, only cameras, seas and countries have changed, and my hobby has become my life’s work!

Over the years, I have visited more than 50 countries, dived in different seas, oceans, caves, lakes and rivers, became an instructor of recreational, cave and technical diving, constantly took photographs and videos, created and host my own program about diving and travel.

"Diaries of a Traveling Diver"

My motto: The world is one for everyone, Travel and explore!!!

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Above: "Eight, Out of the Darkness"

Ordinskaya Cave, Russia, which is famous for its clear water, squares and beautiful underwater landscapes, a backstage photo taken during the work of colleagues from Poland, at the exit from the passage called “Eight”

Below: "Wreck diver"

Cyprus, the famous ferry Zenobia, entrance to the hold with flooded trucks


Above: "Underwater fire"

Lake Yalchik, Russia, next to my house, where centuries-old trees in an unusual shape lie at the bottom...

Below: "Ship's Staircase"

This is a famous place in Malta, Gozo island, Karwella ship


Above: "Cave Rift"

Ordinsaya Cave, distant galleries, about one kilometer from the entrance...

Below: "Japanese tank Ha-Go 95"

On the deck of a sunken ship in Chuck Lagoon, Micronesia


Above: "Submarine cabin"

Black Sea, submarine "Skat" sunk in 1919 at a depth of 65 meters

Below: "The Lost Steering Wheel"

Black Sea, steamship "Ignatius Prokhorov" depth 80 meters


Above: "Sea Dragon"

Endemic to Australian waters, Tasmania Island, Australia

Below: "Plane Douglas"

Turkey, Kemer, Three Islands, a specially sunken plane, badly damaged after numerous storms.


Above: "Legend An-2"

Soviet aircraft, which was produced since 1947, the most massive and popular biplane of the USSR era, Lazurny quarry, Russia, Sverdlovsk region

Below: El Brinco cavern, Cuba, with sunburst and bright halocline


Above: Lila Cave, Cuba

A team of cave divers above the hydrogen sulfide layer

Below: "The Lost Loader"

Cyprus, ferry Zenobia, 2nd hold

Above: Underwater photographer freediver takes pictures of the ferry Zenobia, Cyprus, depth 30 meters

Below: "Height"

El Brinco Cavern, team of cave divers at different depths