IS IT DARK in there?

Canadian explorer, Steve Lewis was a respected instructor for cave and other technical programs for many years. He is now instructor emeritus and VP of Marketing for a SCUBA and freediving certification agency based in the UK but with regional offices, and hundreds of dive operations, around the world. A fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, recipient of a several awards, he remains an avid cave diver with a special interest in Paleoindian and the pre-Columbian culture of the Americas.

Shipwrecks of the Dover Straits

The Dover Straits is the resting place for many wrecks, and this book reveals the stories behind a selection of these unfortunate vessels. This highly pictorial account shows the wrecks and the numerous artifacts found. The gallery of photographs for each wreck is accompanied by a brief summary of the history of the vessel and the actual dive, providing an insight into diving in these challenging waters and also the excitement of discovering age-old artifacts.

Lusitania - The Underwater Collection

Once the fastest and most beautiful passenger ship of its time, many books have been written about The Lusitania and its disastrous fate. The torpedo attack during the 1914-18 World War in which almost 1200 passengers and crew lost their lives shocked the world and still moves many people today.

With 160 underwater photographs of exceptional quality, ‘Lusitania—The Underwater Collection’ gives a completely different overview of this famous wreck. There are also 240 historical images and illustrations throughout to create a unique book which gives an overview of what this once great ship looks like today.