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ADM Issue 30: Whats Inside:
rEvo • mCCR - eCCR
The rEvo was originally released as a mCCR in 2006 and was called the “revolution.” The revolution was warmly received by the CCR diving community, and quickly received the nickname “rEvo.”
Cocklebiddy Cave
To fully understand the hardships Cocklebiddy has to offer, one has to look to the story of the early exploration. After the initial exploration dives in the first sump in 1972,
HMS Victoria
The wreckage of the Victoria was discovered in 2004 by Christian Francis and Mark Elyat at a depth of more than 150 meters. Much to their bewilderment, it stood completely vertically on the sea bed.
Sea of Cortez
A team of Advanced Diver Magazine photographers and explorers assembled for an unprecedented expedition to the Sea of Cortez in September 2008.
Springs of Missouri
The countryside is potted with sinkholes and cut by losing streams – sure indicators of what lies beneath the surface.
We swam to the iceberg, not one of the biggest but it stood solid on the ground and rose ten meters above the water.
Tip of the Canyon Wreck
Prior to my first expedition type dive, I always carried all the gas I needed to make a dive, leaving nothing to chance.
Aland Wreck
The Åland Islands form an autonomous province of Finland that is situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea. It consists of about three hundred islands and some six thousand smaller skerries.
Several additional editorials included
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